C2X x Dear Ella Airdrop

Get Ready to Play Dear, Ella!

We’re so glad to hold this airdrop event for all the pilots interested in ‘Dear, Ella.’

This event will be a special collaboration with Dear, Ella for participating in our 5th Beta Game Launcher and being the first game to be launched on the XPLA mainnet! Welcome aboard to C2X & XPLA, Dear Ella!

Enjoy your adventure in ‘Dear, Ella’ by participating in an airdrop event to get your XPLA. A total of 50,000 XPLA is set to be airdropped to lucky 10,000 winners. The details of how you can become one of the winners can be found below.


[Event Timeline]

Here are some of the most important dates! Please check your calendar and make sure you participate in this event on time.

[How to participate in the Airdrop Event]

You can take part in the airdrop event by completing the simple task below,

* Make sure you submit the correct address or otherwise you won’t receive the airdrop even if you win

You can start your tasks here:


[C2X Vault]

C2X Vault is the wallet that will be used for the C2X gaming platform that will soon run on XPLA’s network once the migration is complete for individual games.

C2X Vault iOS

C2X Vault AOS

C2X Vault Chrome Extension

[Rewards & Rules]

Rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to the participants achieving the minimum mission points.



Take part in the event through Gleam.io.link. Please note that you will need a C2X Vault address to enter.

2. Which countries are restricted?

Restricted countries: China(PRC), Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. And may get added or updated at the time of the official release.

3. Is there a limit to how many people can participate? Is duplicate participation allowed?

There is no limit but we will pick a total of 10,000 winners. Duplicate participation is strictly not allowed and only one participation per wallet is permitted.

After the event period, we will judge the winners on a first-come, first-served basis based on the participants who participated in the rules above.

4. When will the result be announced?

The winners will be announced in November and the detailed date and time will be informed through our official communities.

Participate in our special collaboration event with Dear, Ella, and get ready to be a leader. You can find out more about Dear, Ella on C2X / XPLA / Dear, Ella’s Community channels. So stay tuned for our latest updates.

Stay connected with us via:
| Official Webpage | Official Twitter |



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