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C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform is a gateway for Web2 to Web3.

C2X is launching its new token ‘$CTXT’ and here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions with regards to the new token.


Q1. What is $CTXT?

▶️$CTXT is a utility token across the C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform. It is a token that can be exchanged with various game tokens to be used in the game, or can also be exchanged for other tokens in the swap pool.

Q2. What role does the “Utility Token” have on the C2X Platform?

▶️The utility token will allow our ecosystem to function correctly the way we designed them to. It will act as a link between different games and the platform, and it will also become a means to express an idea or an interest in making major decisions for the C2X ecosystem.

Q3. Can you be more specific about its role?

▶️$CTXT will not only be the main utility token but will also act as a decentralized governance token. A total of 800 million $CTXT will be gradually issued as a utility token by the ecosystem along with new games launching. In addition, it will act as a bridge between different games on the platform, and at the same time, it will also allow holders of the token to take part in the governance of the C2X Platform.

Q4.Can I trade $CTXT?

▶ $CTXT will not be listed on any centralized exchanges. You can only get $CTXT through playing games or using a Swap Pool with $XPLA.

Q5. Can you be more specific?

▶ There are two ways you can get $CTXT.

① $CTXT can only be obtained through playing games that are on the C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform.

② You can also get $CTXT by exchanging in the swap pool. There is a swap pool that can be found on the wallet that supports the swap for $XPLA<>$CTXT.

Q6. Why was $CTXT issued?

▶ The reason why $CTXT was issued is because $CTX is not just a token for its platform anymore and it has become $XPLA as the governance token for the XPLA network that will be used across the entire ecosystem by different DApps including the C2X Platform. As a result, the core element of C2X Platform’s governance has gone missing and we needed to issue a new token to replace $CTX and to act as both governing the ecosystem and a token that can be used universally throughout different games on the platform.

Q7. Has $CTX merely changed to $CTXT?

▶ $CTX was a utility token used in the old C2X Platform, but it has been migrated and upgraded to a governance token as $XPLA. Following the migration process, $XPLA is designed so that it will play an important role within the XPLA’s ecosystem.

If you would like to learn more details about $CTXT, please visit C2X Platform’s website to read their latest whitepaper.

As C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform evolves, the team is working very hard to develop a better gaming environment, and ecosystem, and hence an improved experience for all the users. The team has big plans and is implementing those plans, one day at a time.

Try sailing and explore through the world of Web3 by playing various games on our platform with the newly issued $CTXT. It’s no secret that here at C2X, we are always looking for ways to improve the platform and make your venture in the Web3 space evermore joyful.

Thank you.

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