Free Transaction Fee Support Webpage Open Notice

Hi everyone, Team C2X here

We have just newly opened a webpage where we will give you transaction fees for free so that it becomes more accessible for everyone including the users using C2X services for the first time.

To get your transaction fee for free, please visit:
(which can be also found on our Official Webpage)

  1. Instructions
  • You can get 0.1 $USTC for transaction fees used under the C2X ecosystem.
  • There will be no separate fee required for this process and it’s free of charge.
  • This support will be limited to only once a day per account.

2. Requirements

  • You must have some C2X and with less than 0.1 $USTC in your C2X Station

3. FYI

  • You can also use the transaction fee($USTC) you received to swap for even more transaction fees($USTCs) should you require more.

We plan to continually launch a variety of services to support and ensure stable operations of the C2X ecosystem and its community, and your support would be much appreciated!

Thank you



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