Future Changes in C2X Beta Game Launcher

Dear C2X Explorers,

There will be big changes to the C2X Platform upon migrating to a new chain: XPLA and this article will help you better prepare for what lies ahead of the C2X Platform and the Beta Game Launcher.

First of all, the currency used to purchase Game Fan Cards from Beta Game Launcher will be changed to $XPLA.

$CTX will be reborn as $XPLA once the token migration is complete and Game Fan Cards will be purchasable with $XPLA from thereon after. If you have previously bought Game Fan Cards using $CTX but have not claimed, please visit the link below and claim them while you still can!

Secondly, Game studios will now be able to freely change settings for Beta Game Launcher according to their needs including benefits for users owning a Game Fan Card for a specific game.

Since the benefits of owning a Game Fan Card can now vary from game to game, please keep your eyes peeled for the instructions on the benefit of owning a Game Fan Card that will be given by each game studio.

Last but not least, Fan Cards from previous games will turn into NFTs as they migrate over to XPLA.

To be more specific, after existing games migrate to XPLA, the Fan Cards of corresponding games will become NFT and this change will be effective from Dear Ella’s Beta Game Launcher.

Please note that these changes will be effective starting from the first game launching on Beta Game Launcher on the XPLA chain.

We believe these updates will act as a catalyst for the C2X platform to become a true Web3 open-source platform. We will keep you informed of future updates and changes so make sure you follow all of our official communication channels if you are keen.

C2X Platform will always do its best to ensure an environment where everyone can enjoy Web3 gaming safely and in a comfortable manner.

Thank you!

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