Process of withdrawing the principal and the staking rewards from the termination of the LP Token Staking Program

The LP Token Staking Program will be closed as a result of the migration of GameTokens from the C2X Platform to XPLA. Here’s a guide on how to claim your rewards and withdraw your principal.

  1. How to withdraw the principal you provided for liquidity
  • Connect your wallet and click the “Stake” from the toggle and “MY LP” tab to view your staked liquidity.
  • Click the Withdraw button and receive back the liquidity you have provided.

(If you have trouble entering the password, please try using Chrome.)

  • Your principal will be available for the withdrawal right away.

Please be aware that GameTokens will be converted to $CTX for the convenience of users since the games and GameTokens will be serviced on the XPLA Chain after the migration.

The conversion ratio will be based on the ratio of the LP Token Staking Program Closure period.

2. How to claim the staking rewards

  • Click “Claim” from the same menu.
  • The rewards will be vested for four weeks, and you can check the amount claimable at a specific time and be free to claim whenever you like.

After completing this process, make sure to migrate $CTX to $XPLA using the user migration page.

User Migration Page: XPLA Migration (

Stay tuned to our official community channels for an additional explanation on this!



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