Updates on C2X Whitepaper

Dear, Explorers.

C2X here, the Blockchain Gaming Platform.

C2X is one of the main DApp partners of a Cosmos-based Layer 1 chain XPLA, on a mission to bring any Web2 projects to Web3.

In this article, we will walk you through the C2X whitepaper that’s just been published and about the new token, ‘$CTXT.’

  1. Whitepaper 2.0.0

This whitepaper includes the overall ecosystem and architecture of the C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform and you can read all about the details by visiting the link below.

C2X Whitepaper — C2X Gaming Platform

2. Summary of the whitepaper

The whitepaper consists of the following contents.. We’ve designed our ecosystem to build a systematic tokenomics that’s predictable based on ‘$CTXT’, the governance token, and with each game token from all onboarding games.

  • How to expand Web3 gaming space and its ecosystem through Beta Game Launcher

3. Issuance of the new governance token ‘$CTXT’

We are introducing a new token, ‘$CTXT’, to build a secure and vibrant ecosystem. This is to complement the absence of the utility token and substitute $CTX from before to represent the governance of the C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform. This will be the core engine that will drive the new token economy as a token can only be acquired in games.

About $CTXT

  • Role of $CTXT

1)Governance token of C2X Blockchain Gaming Platform

2)Utility Token that can be acquired only in-game

3)Available to swap with different tokens using various swap pools.

4)Grow and cycling the token economy with the increase number of onboarded games

5)Provider settlement for Game providers

  • The maximum quantity of $CTXT tokens to be issued will be 800 million while initially 52.5 million $CTXT will be issued.

1)Gradual distribution to Explorers of C2X according to the game launch

2)The expectation of an increase in the number of holders by naturally increasing the supply from the game launch designed to cycle the ecosystem that could be manageable in the long-term view.

  • More detailed information about $CTXT can be viewed through the whitepaper link.

C2X Gaming Platform is building a strong ecosystem in the long run perspective. Your incremental support to C2X will only bring evermore interesting game contents to all the Explorers.

Thank you.

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